Catastrophic Injuries Demand A Lifetime Plan

Some accidents are unfortunate and the injured person suffers some minor injuries and after some medical treatment, recovers and later hardly remembers being injured. Catastrophic injuries are not that kind of injury.

These are the life-changing injuries, and you may likely need multiple major surgeries and months or years of rehabilitation. You may still never be the same as you were prior to the accident. Personal injury attorney Ruth Smith understands the difficulty of dealing with these severe injuries and she can explain the remedies that may be available, including damages for permanent loss of income, compensation for future medical care, and compensation for attendant care.

Cases involving catastrophic injuries often require considerable research and planning, and not just by your attorney. A damage award or settlement may have to cover your medical expenses for your lifetime. This means an economist may be needed to show the amortized cost of your ongoing care and other expenses for decades into the future.

Brain Injuries

Among the most severe of all injuries are brain injuries. They may leave you severely disabled, needing round the clock care or they may leave you only slightly impaired, but with odd changes to your personality. They may leave you with random blackouts that make it impossible for you to work or even drive a vehicle. Brain injuries can literally change who you are as a person.

Common brain injuries include:

  • Concussions
  • Open head injury
  • Closed head injury
  • Post-concussive syndrome

These can occur during car crashes, falls, sports-related blows, violent assaults, industrial and farm accidents and any other incident that causes a blow or wound to the head. No matter the cause, Ruth Smith can help you with the medical, legal and economic assistance you will need for the rest of your life.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Another devastating type of catastrophic injury is those that affect the spinal cord. These injuries often leave victims paraplegic or quadriplegic. Some require round the clock nursing care and most victims will need modifications to their vehicles and homes to make them wheelchair accessible.

Again, Ruth Smith can help assemble a team of professionals to put together a life care plan that will help ensure your compensation is adequate to cover a lifetime of necessary expenses.

Find Out How Ruth Smith Law Firm Can Help

Catastrophic injuries demand a comprehensive legal response. The compensation you receive may need to cover your medical and life expenses for decades. Dealing with doctors, insurers, lawyers and courts can be overwhelming at a time when you are severely injured.

Ruth Smith is ready to help you obtain the compensation you need. She understands claims procedures, court filing deadlines, what you need to do to begin your recovery and protect your rights. Call for a free initial consultation at 828-782-3832, or use the convenient online form to get started. Based in Asheville, Ruth Smith represents clients across North and South Carolina.

Each case is different. Many factors such as the severity of injuries, ability to prove liability, amount of liability insurance coverage, jurisdiction, medical expenses, and many other factors can determine the outcome of a particular case. You should not use these examples as a representation of what recovery you will obtain in your particular case, as every case is unique. Ruth Smith does not guarantee that the outcome of your case will be similar to the results listed above.