Hurt In A DUI-Caused Accident?

We all know drunk driving is dangerous. There have been significant public service campaigns for decades warning of the dangers posed by driving drunk. The penalties for DUIs in North Carolina have steadily become more and more severe. And yet, every year, throughout the nation, more than 10,000 people die in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver.

In addition to the fatalities DUI drivers cause, there are tens of thousands of injuries that result from these crashes. If you are one of the injured, you know that even a seemingly minor crash can lead to long-term injuries that may never, completely, go away. These injuries can affect your ability to work and enjoy life. Attorney Ruth Smith can assist you in assessing your facts and determining the next steps you need to take to obtain compensation. While located in Asheville, she represents injured people across North Carolina and South Carolina.

North Carolina And South Carolina Law Allow For Additional Recovery In Drunk Driving Cases

Insurance companies often won't tell injured people about all the ways they can recover from a drunk driver. In North Carolina and South Carolina, the law recognizes that drunk driving is so dangerous and injures so many people that special damages, called "punitive damages" are available to injured persons. These damages are in addition to the compensation paid to an injured person for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The damages are awarded in part to keep drunk drivers off the road and keep the public safe.

If you are injured by a drunk driver, you need an attorney who is aware of all of the potential sources of recovery, and who knows the law and the factors courts consider in providing these types of special damages. Ruth Smith knows these laws and the evidence needed to convince courts to provide punitive damages.

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When you have been injured in a DUI-caused accident, you want help. Dealing with doctors, insurers, lawyers and courts can be overwhelming at a time when you are hurt and simply want to feel better again.

Experienced trial attorney Ruth Smith is ready to help you with your recovery after a crash. She understands claims procedures, court filing deadlines and what you need to do to begin your recovery, protect your rights and hold drunk drivers accountable. Call her Asheville office for a free initial consultation at 828-782-3832, or use the convenient online form to get started.

Each case is different. Many factors such as the severity of injuries, ability to prove liability, amount of liability insurance coverage, jurisdiction, medical expenses, and many other factors can determine the outcome of a particular case. You should not use these examples as a representation of what recovery you will obtain in your particular case, as every case is unique. Ruth Smith does not guarantee that the outcome of your case will be similar to the results listed above.