Injured While Riding Your Motorcycle In Asheville?

The Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina make for some of the best roads for motorcycle riding in the Eastern U.S. The Blue Ridge Parkway, with its unending winding roads, tunnels and scenic overlooks can make for a pleasant ride. But the tremendous scenery can easily distract other drivers and lead to unfortunate motorcycle accidents.

Following an accident, the lawyer you choose matters a great deal. Attorney Ruth Smith of Asheville can help you recover compensation if you were involved in a motorcycle crash with another careless driver. Ruth Smith knows how to examine the facts of your crash and identify negligence by other drivers. Motorcycles are more difficult for other drivers to see and whether you are cruising along a rural highway or in downtown Asheville, a moment's inattention by a car or truck driver making a left turn or coming out of a driveway can leave you with serious injuries.

You're Lucky If It's Only Road Rash

A collision and crash with a motorcycle is not like a car accident. Without seat belts, air bags and the body of vehicle wrapped around you, on a cycle, you are virtually defenseless. A helmet can help, but even with gloves, boots and heavy leather riding gear, you can be severely injured in a crash that a driver in a car could walk away from without a scratch.

Motorcycle riding has been steadily growing in popularity for the last decade. Learning how to ride your bike is important and defensively driving is essential. You have to watch all the vehicles around you and, if possible, the drivers' eyes, to make certain they really have seen you. But even the most careful rider can fall victim to negligent drivers in cars and trucks.

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When you have been injured by someone else's carelessness while riding your motorcycle, you want help. In North Carolina, dealing with doctors, insurers, lawyers and courts can be overwhelming at a time when you are hurt and simply want to feel better again.

That's where Ruth can help. Ruth understands claims procedures, court filing deadlines and what you need to do to begin your recovery and protect your rights. Call for a free initial consultation at 828-367-7998, or use the convenient online form and Ruth will get in touch with you.

Each case is different. Many factors such as the severity of injuries, ability to prove liability, amount of liability insurance coverage, jurisdiction, medical expenses, and many other factors can determine the outcome of a particular case. You should not use these examples as a representation of what recovery you will obtain in your particular case, as every case is unique. Ruth Smith does not guarantee that the outcome of your case will be similar to the results listed above.