The Tragic Need For A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

This is one type of lawsuit that no one ever wants to file. This case is brought by the personal representative of an estate and it means that an individual died because of negligence, carelessness or wrongdoing of some kind. They may have been killed by a drunk driver, a speeding tractor-trailer truck or by someone accidentally discharging a firearm.

Beware The Statute Of Limitations In North Carolina

The statute of limitations for most wrongful death actions is two years from the time of death, which is shorter than the three years allowed in most personal injury cases. Attorney Ruth Smith can review your situation and help you to bring a wrongful death suit in appropriate cases.

Damages Include Loss Of Income

For many families, a fatal accident involving a parent may be doubly tragic. Not only does the family lose a father or mother, but they also can be financially crippled by the loss of the income that person would have provided.

In North Carolina, damages that may be recovered by the estate of the decedent:

  • Medical expenses for treatment and hospitalization prior to death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses
  • The loss of future income, services, society and companionship of the decedent
  • In some cases, punitive and nominal damages may be available

Find Out How Ruth Smith Law Firm Can Help

A wrongful death suit is a tragic but necessary case. It can help provide financial support for your family when you need it most. But these lawsuits can be complex and overwhelming at a time when you are grieving.

Ruth Smith can help you obtain the compensation your family needs. She understands how statues of limitations apply to your case and how to protect your rights. Call 828-367-7998 or use our convenient online form to set up a free initial consultation with an experienced trial lawyer.

Each case is different. Many factors such as the severity of injuries, ability to prove liability, amount of liability insurance coverage, jurisdiction, medical expenses, and many other factors can determine the outcome of a particular case. You should not use these examples as a representation of what recovery you will obtain in your particular case, as every case is unique. Ruth Smith does not guarantee that the outcome of your case will be similar to the results listed above.