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Preserve the Evidence in Personal Injury Cases with a Preservation Letter

photos for website 005.JPGWhen a person is injured in an accident, it is important that they first seek medical care. Once their injury is stabilized however, it is crucial that the injured person preserve evidence relating to their accident. Because persons who cause accidents very often lie about what happened, and it can take months or even years for a personal injury case to get to court, it is important that injured persons have the evidence they need to when their case. A preservation letter can help with that evidence.

Punitive Damages may be available in Car Accident Cases

carwreckflipped.jpgPunitive damages may be available when a person is injured in a car accident or other accident. When a person is injured in a car wreck of other accident which is the result of the negligence of someone else, the injured person can recover "damages". Damages is a legal term for the harms and losses that the injured person in the car wreck received in the wreck. Usually, these damages are limited to "compensatory damages". Compensatory damages are those damages that are equal to the harms and losses. For example, in a car accident, compensatory damages might include the cost of fixing the automobile, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A settlement or jury verdict should equal the harms and losses suffered by the injured person unless there are problems with liability and/ or disputes over the amount of harm caused by the wreck.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury After a Car Wreck or other Accident

DSCN1837.JPGWhen a person is injured in a car wreck, motorcycle wreck, or other personal injury, sometimes the most harmful injuries are those that you cannot see with the naked eye: a brain injury. Sometimes brain injuries are obvious and an injured person's functioning is so impaired that they are left unable to speak, walk, or feed themselves. Other times, the brain injury is subtler. Called a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) , these injuries can be as devastating as a spinal cord injury or any other serious injury. However, because the injured person may "look" normal, it can be more difficult to recover compensation for these types of cases.

Car Wrecks And Car Repairs: What Are Your Rights?

When you are in a car wreck, sometimes the most pressing issue is your personal injuries. Other times after car wrecks, the priority is on your car repair issues. When you are in a car wreck you need your car to be fixed or replaced. You need a car to drive while you are waiting on your car to be repaired. Because you need to be aware of your car repair rights, this article will attempt to answer a few of these questions. 

Filing Medical Bills: In NC A Necessary Step Following A Personal Injury Accident

Personal injury lawyers are often asked by clients if they need to file medical bills with an insurance company. These procedure questions can be a result of an automobile wreck on other accident. In particular, a person who goes to a doctor or chiropractor after a wreck may want to know if he should file medical bills with a health insurance company. The answer to that question is the health insurance should be filed. 

NC Personal Injury Punitive Damages Endangered By Tort Reform

NC Personal Injury Punitive Damages Under Attack

NC Personal injury punitive damages are under attack by a vast array of business lobbying groups including the American Tort Reform Association, the Cato Institute, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These organizations lobby state and federal law makers for the restriction and/or elimination of NC personal injury punitive damages. Backed by the money that big business generates, these lobbyists can have huge influence in elections. Partly in response to these pressures, in 2011 North Carolina amended its personal injury punitive damage statutes to further restrict the types of cases which would qualify for these types of injuries.

Texting While Driving Allowed For Tractor Trailers

By now, it is common knowledge that texting while operating a motor vehicle is inherently dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010, driver distraction was the cause of 18% of all fatal crashes. In a 2009 study, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that text messaging creates a crash risk 23.2 times worse than driving while not distracted for heavy vehicles or trucks (i.e. tractor trailers). The study further found that texting while driving also has the longest duration of eyes-off-the road time. In its conclusion, the VTTI study recommended that texting be banned in all moving vehicles. 

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