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Dog Attacks Becoming More Common Due to "Pet Friendly" Businesses

Dog attacks on customers inside "pet friendly" stores are becoming more common in western North Carolina. Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, and other stores are "pet-friendly", meaning dog owners can bring their dogs into stores while they shop. Restaurants are prohibited from allowing non-service animals (including emotional support animals) into areas where food is prepared and served by North Carolina health codes. Other businesses, however, in an attempt to attract pet lovers, are more than willing to allow dogs into their stores.

North Carolina Pit Bull Dog Owner Liability

North Carolina pit bull dog owners are responsible for knowing the aggressive tendencies of this breed of dog. Dog adoption agencies and shelters do not always share this information with potential dog owners. This article offers a cautionary example of deadly results that may result from adopting a shelter dog. 

Landlords Can Be Liable For Their Tenant's Dangerous Dogs

Dog Bites Can Cause Serious Injuries

When a person is attacked by a dog, they can have many injuries and losses which would include medical expenses, lost wages, and scarring. In a serious dog attack, the medical bills alone can be tens of thousands of dollars and the person may have a lifelong physical consequences. The person who owns the dog can be responsible for these losses.

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