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North Carolina HB 239: Politics In The Court Of Appeals

North Carolina HB 239 is an effort by the North Carolina State Legislature to play politics with the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals is the intermediary appeals state court. Since the N.C. Supreme Court can deny hearing cases, the last appeal for many cases is the N.C. Court of Appeals. Currently, the Court of Appeals has a huge case load: 1500 appeals and 4,456 separate petitions and motions per year. Currently the Court of Appeals has fifteen judges who sit on three judge panels. The average number of opinions per judge is 100 opinions per year. In an effort to deny Governor Roy Cooper the ability to appoint judges, the North Carolina Republican-controlled legislature has passed North Carolina HB 239. (HB 239).

North Carolina Workers Compensation Laws Are In Danger

North Carolina Workers Compensation Laws are danger because of pressure from large companies to reduce their labor costs. These large companies lobby states to become more business friendly. The companies argue that the state should allow the companies to create their own worker's compensation programs. The loser in these situations is always the worker and the taxpayer. 

Landlord Liability For Personal Injury Of Residential Tenants

When A Residential Tenant Is Injured On Property They Lease: Is There A Remedy?

Often, a residential tenant who is leasing property is injured by a defect in the property they rent. Whether it be rotten boards on a porch, no handrails on a stairwell, or broken tiles in a bathroom; the tenant can be injured in a variety of ways. At issue for this article is whether a landlord can be held liable for the personal injury to tenants (including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering) caused by defects or omissions in their rented residential property.

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